Personalize your MedPac with custom embroidery - your name or initials, school, agency or logo. Custom embroidery is great for easy identification and personalized gifts. 


embroidery-bottom-r1-c5.jpg  a. Times
 b. Block
 c. Script
 d. Custom Logo
embroidery-bottom-r1-c3.jpg  a. Block
 b. Times
 c. Script
 d. Italic
 e. Star of Life
embroidery-bottom-r1-c1.jpg  a. Times
 b. Script
 c. Italic
 d. Block


Order Online or call 1-800-414-9031 to order custom embroidery for your MedPac(s). Please indicate •Letter Style (Times, Block, Script, etc.) •Letter Height, •Thread Color, • Uppercase or Lowercase letters and •Punctuation. Most pacs are available for embroidery.


Be sure to indicate thread color(s) when you call in your order.. Most colors are available. If applicable, indicate a specific shade of color. (i.e. Light Blue, Hunter Green, Vegas Gold, Dark Grey, etc. )

One line of embroidery - $20
Two lines of embroidery - $25
Three lines of embroidery - $30

Team/corporate logos, mascots, stock art/emblems, etc.
Please call 1-800-414-9031 for quote.
Please allow 12-14 business days for embroidery. Holidays may increase lead times. Custom logos – Call 1-800-414-9031 for price quote.

Limited number of characters on smaller bags.

We are sorry there are no returns or exchanges on embroidered items.